Bay-Lynx developed their first commercially available beam cambering machine for the structural fabrication industry over two decades ago for their own Steel Fabrication shop. Knowing the short-comings of other manufacturers they continuously improved their product, today Bay-Lynx offers ten (10) different size models to fulfill any cambering requirement from small commercial buildings to highway bridges and camber beams at a fraction of the cost of mill or heat cambering. All these models can be purchased in kit-form or as a turn-key system.

Bay-Lynx cambering machines utilize two primary hydraulic cylinders spaced some distance apart. This distributes the bending over a certain length of the beam; thus, the strains from the direct pressure on the web and the bending are not concentrated at one spot as is the case when a single ram is used. This, along with special guides and supports, reduces the possibility of twisting and buckling.

All standard motors are 230/460 volt, 3 phase, 60 cycle; however, other motors are available, often at no increase in price. Motor starters to match the customer's electrical power voltage are available. These machines have the proven reliability and efficiency that come from years of experience. All are designed for ease and speed of operation and are totally self-contained so that they can be moved and stored when not in use. All can also be used to straighten beams, tees, and other shapes.


  • BC600 --- Cambering Machine - 260 tons@5000PSI - W30x148#

  • BC900 --- Cambering Machine - 333 tons@4000PSI - W36x150#

  • BC1200 - Cambering Machine - 472 tons@4000PSI - W33x221#

  • BC1600 - Cambering Machine - 530 tons@4000PSI - W40x280#

  • BC1900 - Cambering Machine - 684 tons@4500PSI - W40x328#

  • CM S01 -- Laser Sensor Read-Out System

  • CM S02 -- Computerized Integrated Laser Read-Out System

  • CM S03 -- Computerized Integrated Laser Read-Out System


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