Technomagnete started in 1974, specializing in permanent-electro magnetic technology applied in machine tool field. Thanks to original patents, the continous improvement of Quadsystem technology and a winning commercial strategy, Tecnomagnete has become the leadership in magnetic system for the industry.

Bat Grip Battery Lifters

The radio-controlled Bat-Grip lifters are useful to handle loads with a remote control, without power supply connection. They are powered by a standard battery, with high capacity. In fact the electricity is used only during MAG and DEMAG phases, keeping the battery level up for a long time (around 1 week charge). TM4 / TM6 TELESCOPIC BEAMS FOR SHEET-METAL HANDLING Telescopic beams for single sheet handling. For sheets with thickness from 4mm and maximum length 16m. Capacity from 6 to 25 tons. They are available even in fixed version, without hydraulic telescopic system (mod. BF). MAX X HAND OPERATED MAGNETIC LIFTERS The manual lifters of the MaxX series represent an ideal solution for moving ferrous loads in an economic, rapid and safe way. They are available in a range between 125kg (275 lbs) to 2000 kg (4400 lbs) capacity. 3 x Safety factor

Magnetic Lifting Device

Material handling of structural steel and plate for fabricators has been considered a necessary evil for years. Not because it is totally unnecessary but rather it never adds value to the process! Material handling systems have helped greatly over the years to reduce the amount of handling, but the required usage of overhead cranes will always be a major component of fabrication. The use of permanent magnetic lifting systems for plates and structural steel have proven in Europe to reduce the cost associated with this type of handling by over 50%! How many times have you watched a crew of two or more workers in your shop attempt to pass chains under a section or plate only to start to make the lift and then realize that you have to move the chains to center the load? Once the effective mid-point is determined for lifting, you watch one or two of your workers steady and walk the section from one area of your shop to another. As the steel is about to be lowered, blocking must be located and placed under the load to separate this from the prior plate or member to provide clearance to hookup for the next required move. This proven system of permanent magnetic devices eliminates the need to require blocking under the material for future lifting as well as the additional labor required when using chains for lifting. This unique lifting system features a permanent magnet so it is not necessary to have a battery powered backup to maintain the magnetic force in the event of a power failure. This system uses power only to reverse the polarity to release the material when it is resting securely on the ground