The Cambercat Model BC-900 is specially designed to induce permanent camber into wide flange, channel, and tubular beams. Its electric motor powered hydraulic system delivers up to 333 tons of force to bend steel beams as large as W36x210 (Grade 36 ) without heat. Adjustable glides and supports are provided to readily accept depths from 6” through 36” and flange widths up to 18”. The machine is designed for ease and speed of operation and is totally self contained so that it may be moved and stored when not in use. All mechanical and hydraulic components are standard items, and parts service are readily available nationwide. The unit is provided complete with pressure relief valve, return line filter, sump strainer, glycerin filled pressure gauge, reservoir sight glass, breather cap, control valves, and on/off switch.

The system includes the following:
Model BC-900 (333 Tons)
Cambers A36 up to W36x210 | V50 up to W36x150
Overall Dimensions 9’11’’ W X 23’6” L X 3’4” H
Total Press Capacity 333 Tons @ 4000 PSI Oil Reservoir 50 Gal. c/w Filler Breather/ Sight Level
Main Cylinders 10” dia. x 12” stroke
Clamping Cylinders 2 1/2” dia. x 9” stroke
Motor Rating 25HP (3 PHASE Voltage must be specified)
HYDR. Pump HP Ramping, 18GPM variable Piston Pump
Weight 16,000lbs (Approx.)

This machine is in storage and available for immediate delivery
Factory trained technician for installation & operator training can be provided at extra cost

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