This Used 2008 PYTHON BEAM COPING ROBOT in combination with MATERIAL HANDLING SYSTEM is available for immediate delivery. DOES NOT INCLUDE DUST COLLECTION SYSTEM

PythonX Structural Fabrication System Introduction

The PythonX Structural Fabrication System was designed to incorporate as many fabrication functions as possible into one machine. By completely eliminating material handling (which does not add value to the structural member) between operations the PythonX is able to produce completely finished pieces at the lowest manufacturing cost. This machine instantly automates all of the fabrication operations typically performed on structural steel.

The PythonX is an industrial duty machine built with standard off the shelf quality components and is controlled by a user-friendly operator interface that accepts drawings/files directly from your detailing software with no need for manual intervention. Multiple drive arrangements have been utilized to achieve seven axes of motion. All axes are servo driven for precision and accuracy.

System Description

Direct Download from XSTEEL, SDS/2, ProSTEEL, StruCAD, AutoCAD and others
Process Beams, Channels, HSS, Strip, Plate and Angle
Produce High Quality Bolt Holes approved for structural joints by the AISC and CISC
Unlimited bolt hole size
No tool changeover between hole sizes
Cuts copes with Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine accuracy
Cuts to length up to 6 times faster and straighter than a Band Saw
Miter cuts compound angles
Cuts slots for knife connections and bracing in HSS
Fabricates complete stair stringers including layout for treads
Cuts Weld Prep Bevel Angles
Automatically Cuts I-Beams in half producing T-Beams
Full Text Scribing and Marking (non destructive) Capital & Small Letters & Numbers
Produce Layout marks for clips and stiffeners along length of beam Automatic Material Measurement (Length, width, height, web height. (etc.)
Center, Top or Bottom bolt hole referencing / justification

This machine is under power and available for immediate delivery
Factory trained technician for installation & operator training can be provided at extra cost

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FOB: Northern California, USA

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