This heavy duty straight cut double column Bandsaw is available for immediate delivery


Saw Capacity 27” w x 18” H
Saw Blade Cant 9.2 degrees permanent blade cant
Saw Blade Size 1.5” W x 21’ L x .05 THK
Saw Blade Drive Motor 10HP (VFR) 3/440/60
Saw Blade Speed 70 - 500 SFPM (indefinitely variable)
Hydraulic System 2HP
Cutting Pressure Adjustable cutting pressure
Clamping Pressure variable pressure, adjustable from 0 – 2,500 lbs.
Saw Blade Feed Rate Adjustable 0 – 3 inches/second
Saw Blade Guides Side & back carbides are flat for max. blade support
Saw Blade Break Switch Saw will automatically shut off if the blade breaks
Power Saw Blade Tension maintains proper blade tension at all times
Blade Chip Brush Shaft driven brush for positive removal of metal chips
Powered Guide Arm for adjusting the width of the guide arms
Operator Control Station built in at the machine
Bi-Directional Main Vise Fixed vise (datum line) with full stroking moveable vise
Coolant System built-in coolant system, with high-pressure coolant pump

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DELIVERY: In Stock, Subject to Prior Sale

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