JPS International Inc. represents VOORTMAN Corporation, a subsidiary of VOORTMAN STEEL MACHINERY and a member of the VOORTMAN STEEL GROUP, one of the worlds leading manufacturer of structural CNC fabrication machinery in the western States of the USA. The VOORTMAN STEEL GROUP head quarters are located in Rijssen, The Netherlands (just outside of Amsterdam).

VOORTMAN USA CORPORATION is located in Monee, IL just outside of Chicago. This subsidiary is engaged in the sales and After Sales service of VOORTMAN equipment plus the supply of Spare Parts for these machines. The strength of the VOORTMAN NETWORK is built around supporting you the customer - not just at the time of purchase, but throughout the long life of your VOORTMAN equipment.

VOORTMAN EXPERIENCE CENTER, a newly built facility in which the showroom of VOORTMAN STEEL MACHINERY is combined with a high-tech academy for engineers and machine operators, both internally and externally. It also offers the possibility to organize events for (potential) buyers, suppliers, branch organizations and other interested parties. The hypermodern EXPERIENCE CENTER is the perfect location for guided tours, machine demos and machine-specific trainings for both clients and our own personnel. Because this location is quieter than our workshop it is ideal to enhance both technical knowledge and skills and raising the level of our service. VOORTMAN machines are up and running in the showroom, the auditorium is standby for presentations to large groups and a lounge/bar area is present for lunch and relaxation. Additionally, several modern meeting rooms provide ample space for meetings. The Experience Center is placed across the street of Voortman Steel Machinery.

If your company wants to be a industry leader going forward and taking a quantum step in the reduction of your man hours per ton while solving the challenge of hiring and retaining lay-out personnel, give us a call. You will be truly amazed by our technology and how it will positively impact your operation. Call JPS International Inc. today and take advantage of our expertise in the field of structural steel fabrication and supplying CNC machinery.

A full range of CNC steel fabrication machines are available from VOORTMAN for the processing of structural steel and plates. VOORTMAN started as a Structural Steel Fabricator in 1968 and today VOORTMAN STAALBOUW is one of the most modern Steel Fabrication shops in Europe. VOORTMAN has become one of the principal suppliers of CNC machinery for the structural steel industry in the world market during the past 10 years.


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