Innovation is what gives you an edge over your competition. Being a follower is a risky strategy. When you try to clone what someone else is doing you have set your goals too low. Let us help you to be a leader in the fabrication industry with new and exciting ideas. We offer consulting & plant lay-out for your new or existing facility and we guarantee you the results you are looking for

If you answer "Yes" to any of the following, give us a call today!

  • Want to increase your productivity?
  • Do your competitors have an edge on you?
  • Do you have too many man hours per ton?
  • Do you handle the material too often in your shop?

3 reasons to give us a call us for our reasonable consulting rates today!

  1. Our results are indisputable.
  2. Our clients are ecstatic
  3. Our reputation grows with your success.

Our consulting team includes several qualified people with a background in manufacturing, steel fabrication as well as leasing and financing and a combined experience of over 120 years, that clearly understand the needs and desires of a modern steel fabrication plant. We maximize your productivity and reduce material handling to a minimum with the correct material flow. We can help you in all aspects of your business from the office to the shop floor and the field erection. Call us for our reasonable rates today.

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